Getting to Know Megan

You may have seen or spoken to Megan in the showroom or worked with her on a project. We get to know Megan a bit more here in our latest blog!


Name: Megan Ediger

Position at pdi: Associate Designer/assistant to Carmen Shively

Tell us about your family: My family and I are very close, and, since we all live in Nebraska, we get to spend a lot of time together. I am the second oldest of five sisters. All five of us have different personalities, but the one thing we have in common is music. Growing up there was always someone playing the piano, violin, or cello at our house.

Favorite TV show: My favorite TV show is probably the old episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Lincoln restaurant recommendation: For a good hamburger place, I would recommend BurgerFi in the downtown Haymarket area.

Favorite holiday or season: Christmas time has always been my favorite holiday season. I enjoy the build-up to Christmas with all the decorating, shopping, and baking. The day I get to set up the Christmas tree and hang lights is definitely one of my favorite days of the year!

One thing on your Bucket List: Someday I would love to go to Europe and see the famous works of architecture. Paris and the Eiffel Tower specifically would be on my list!

Favorite vacation destination: My favorite vacation destination would be South Carolina. My family and I went to Hilton Head Island on vacation several years ago and we enjoyed spending time on the beach and biking around the island’s trails.

Favorite design project: In design school, I had a project that was based around designing for the elder population. I designed a home for aging-in-place where I was given a specific user for whom I was to design. The “client” for this project was a retired fashion designer with a sophisticated and quirky style. Therefore, I used unique prints, colors, and furniture pieces that accommodated both her physical needs and her style preferences. This project inspired my interest in residential design because I loved getting to design around the specific needs and style preferences of an individual.

If you left for five hours in the middle of a work day, what would you do with your time: If I had five hours in the middle of the work day, I would grab my watercolors and ukulele and find a peaceful spot at a park to paint, walk, and enjoy the sunshine.