Getting to Know Carmen

Carmen Shively has been an integral part of the PDI design team for over 35 years. She’s designed countless remodeling and new construction projects of which many are Gold Award winners. Get to know Carmen more personally in this month’s post!

Tell us about your family: My husband, Bob, is an attorney in Lincoln, and we have two children. Michael, 23, graduated from UNL two years ago and is a sports broadcaster. Nicolle is 22 and will graduate from UNL with a Music Education degree in May. She’s begun the job search process and looks forward to being a band teacher. We, also, have a 2 ½ year-old Golden Retriever named Sage and a cat named Roxy. Both of our four-legged friends are considered “kiddos” as well.

What’s your favorite TV show: We seem to have some sort of sports on most of the time, which I do enjoy. Besides sports, I love watching The Voice.

Favorite Lincoln restaurant: I like Venue for a nice, relaxing dinner or drinks. And, I love Runza.

Favorite holiday: I love all holidays simply because it’s more time with family and a lot of great food. Since Thanksgiving involves football, it’s probably at the top of my “favorite” list.

Name one thing on your bucket list: My bucket list is too long to even pick one!

Favorite vacations: I love to travel. We just had an awesome trip to Amelia Island in Florida. What a beautiful place! We’re going to Sea Island in Georgia in a few weeks which will be fun. I think my all-time favorite trip was to Maui and can’t wait to go back.

Favorite projects: I’ve been so lucky to have many, many, many amazing clients over the years who have allowed me to design their homes. Whether small or large, every project is important and appreciated as is the trust that clients have had in me.