Children’s Museum Refresh

The children’s Museum of Lincoln approached Paul Daniels Interiors about a remodel last year. They were ready for an update to bring fresh air into their space. The first item addressed was the flooring. Carpet tiles were selected as a replacement; the carpet chosen was a woven carpet versus a pile carpet. This decision created a more durable and cleanable product. A consistent theme of blue was selected throughout the entire building, and then a unique accent color was chosen for each floor. This was done to help with wayfinding for children and their parents. Near stairwells and elevators, the striped carpet was placed for mental reference that when seeing stripes, there was somewhere to change levels. Corresponding paint was chosen for each floor accordingly.

Another significant change was the check-in desk. A new reception desk was created directly in front of the door, and calming purples, blues, and neutral wood tones were specified. These changes to the Children’s Museum were designed to create a safe, interactive space for families that they can use for years to come. Anjli was very excited to work on this project and can’t wait to show you what is going in next at the Children’s Museum!