New Year, New Projects


Ameritas Update

When Anjli first looked into the main employee entrance, bathrooms, and cafeteria at Ameritas, she saw a space that had great bones but needed to be streamlined with a unifying design. There was quite a bit going on that had been slowly done over the years in the various spaces. The entryway had several different paint colors creating a chaotic feel. The lack of a cohesive design did not represent the strong brand identity that Ameritas is known for. Anjli started her design by establishing a strong, simple set of colors that were based on the existing brand identity of the company. A bright red, paired with whites, greys, and taupes, helped create a fresh, energetic identity. As visitors travel throughout the building, the colors work together and are consistent as the viewer transitions between spaces. Bright reds give a feeling of vitality. While the greys, whites, and taupes help accent the bright reds.

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