The Future of Interior Design

So what can we look forward to in the future? Vicki Pierce, Senior Designer, talks about where the Interior Design Industry is headed and Paul Daniels Interiors role in that.

How PDI Has Evolved

The design world has evolved, and with it so has Paul Daniels Interiors. Vicki Pierce, Senior Designer, describes how.

Introduction to PDI

Vicki Pierce, Senior Designer, Introduces us to Paul Daniel Interiors

Get to know PDI

Carmen Shively, Senior Designer, describes what makes the PDI experience unique from other Interior Designers

What is Unique About PDI

Anjli Ohs, Designer, describes what makes the PDI experience unique from other Interior Designers

The Wallpapers At PDI

Anjli and Megan talks about some of PDI’s new wallpapers.

Working With A Designer

Here in PDI, we encourage you to bring your favorite items, talk to us about them and we will find the best design for your home.

Lots of Color

Our PDI members Anjli and Carmen discuss some trendy colors we have this year from High Point Market Spring 2019. Adding some “pop” colors to your neutral-colored furniture can give a different feel.

Nature Colors

Carmen and Anjli talk about seeing more nature colors, like green working their way back into the Interior Design world, while visiting High Point Marketing in NC.


Carmen Shively, our Senior Designer here at PDI, talks about how HGTV brings on a whole new light to everything. It’s not just about getting things done, but also to incorporate a personalized look to our client’s liking.

Some Advice

Here’s an advice – Go for colors that make you happy!

Ideal Client

Here in PDI, we always thrive for the satisfaction of our clients’ needs. An example of an ideal client would be one that we recently worked with. We were able to connect with the client and come up with a design that is so personal and unique to the client.

PDI – A Family’s Dream Home (Part 1)

Recently, PDI worked with a family that is looking for their very own “Dream Home” that they were going to live in for a long time. In the video, Carmen talks about the family’s requests and what they were looking for in terms of space, design, and comfort.

PDI – A Family’s Dream Home (Part 2)

Carmen talks about some of the unique touches we did for this family, especially the designs for their ceiling and closet.

PDI – A Family’s Dream Home (Part 3)

In this third and final part of A Family’s Dream Home, Carmen describes the beautiful kitchen and some special features throughout the house.

PDI – The Color Turquoise

Anjli and Carmen talk about how to incorporate color into a neutral palette.